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From: Jay Kausch
Subject: "A HARDY SHOWER"Disclaimer: This story is fictiscious and in no way is intended to imply
the sexuality of the persons involved. The Rock and Jeff Hardy under age sexs xxx
registered trademarks and are copyrighted by Titan Sports. By the way this
is my first try so go easy on me. Send all comments to my email
account. toplist paysite cp Thanks and enjoy."A HARDY SHOWER" Jeff Hardy was the last wrestler out of the gym today. He was
trying to focus on his upcoming matches, but was having overwhelming
feelings of insecurity. So he decided to push his body to the limit. He
decided since he was the only one there he'd go ahead and shower.
Jeff had been having problems with showering with all the other
men. It wasn't that he was ashamed of his body, but he kept finding
himself excited whenever he was with all the other men. He wasn't sure how
to deal with his nudist clips toplist problem so he decided it would be best if he were just to
wait until everyone else was through. naked under aged girls
He'd always been a token straight
guy but he couldn't shake his feelings.
He looked around the locker room to make sure that it was empty,
and then peeled his sweat soaked gym clothes off and got in the shower. He
turned the water on full blast scorching hot just the way he liked it after
a hard workout. He began lathering up and washing his chiseled frame
making sure not to miss a spot. As he was washing the suds from his naked
body he heard the locker room door creak open. "Fuck," he said to himself,
"please behave your self," he added looking down at his ample member.
"Hey Jeff," the voice said.
Chills trickled up and down his spine. He knew that voice very
well. As he turned around to respond he became speechless. toplist sex boys His jaw
dropped and he just gaped at under age naked pics the body in the entrance way. There before
him was his greatest problem, The Rock. The peoples champ was in the
shower with him and he was naked. Jeff had to stop watching the Rocks
matches because of the excitement it caused him.
"H-hey!," Jeff stuttered.
"Well hello to you too," The Rock said eyeing Jeff's rapidly rising
Jeff blushed crimson red as he realized that he had been betrayed
by his own body. If anytime he wished he was dead. The time was now.
"I'm sorry man. It naked under aged girls has a mind of it's own. I can't control it,"
Jeff replied. "Don't be under aged porn videos sorry," The Rock said, "it's a natural reaction.
Besides its flattering. Anyway you're hot as well, as you probably already
Jeff hadn't even been paying attention. He was so preoccupied that
he didn't see that The Rock was sporting a raging hard on as well.
"Let me help you out," The Rock added, "in fact let's help each
The Rock Walked over to Jeff and laid one hand on his saturated
chest and the other one cupped the back of his head and he planted a soft
tender kiss on his soft full lips. Jeff's body shuttered with ecstasy.
"Wow," was the only thing Jeff could muster up after the kiss
broke, "that was incredible."
"You ain't seen nothing yet," The Rock said as he flashed him a
gorgeous smile.
The Rock let his hands slide down Jeff's body as he lowered himself
until he was eye level with Jeff's 71/2 in. cut dick. In one quick move
The Rock swallowed Jeff's dick all the way to the hilt. Jeff's mind was
rushing back and forth. He couldn't believe that the great one himself was
on his knees loving his dick. The Rock was bobbing back and forth on his
dick and was milking it for child toplists russian
all it's worth. He licked it up and down each
side and then continued to devour it. Jeff was convulsing with ecstasy.
The Rock continued to suck as hard and fast he could.
"I'm going to cum," Jeff screamed.
Instead of backing of as he had expected The Rock would do, he had
began sucking harder and faster than before.
"AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!," Jeff moaned as his body started
shaking uncontrollably. He grabbed onto the back of The Rocks head to keep
from falling over. Finally he erupted, ukraine nude toplist sending shot after shot after shot
of cum down The Rocks steaming throat. His body was in heaven, as The Rock
swallowed every drop of cum that Jeff had expelled. He cleaned every trace
of cum off his slowly softening dick. The Rock rose to his feet and cupped
Jeff's face with both hands and kissed him again. This time long and full
as he probed the inner depths of Jeff's mouth. After what seemed like an
eternity the kiss finally broke.
"I needed that," The Rock said.
"I've never experienced anything like that in my entire life," Jeff
"Well you should there's nothing quite like it."
"Pardon my ignorance, but what do we under age boy do now? I'm new at this,"
Jeff asked.
"Well, now its my turn," The Rock responded.
Jeff was nervous but thought what the fuck. So he began to get on
his knees, but the Rock grabbed him by the arm.
"What," Jeff asked, "I thought you said it was your turn"
"It is, but that's not what I want."
Jeff thought for a teen bikini toplist
second and figured it out for himself. "Well
okay but please be gentle it's my first time."
"Lay down over there in the middle of the room."
As Jeff did that The Rock turned on every nozzle in the room full
blast and the room rapidly filled with steam. The Rock returned to the
center and Jeff was laying on his stomach waiting for him.
"Roll over there, sweet ass," The Rock said.
"Sorry, I thought that's the way it was done," Jeff said blushing
again at his own inexperience.
"Well that's one way," The Rock replied, "but I prefer to look my
man in the eyes when I fuck him"
"So I'm your man now?"
"I hope so gorgeous, I really childporn toplist
hope so. I have been watching you
body for months now and I have been dying to get my hands all over it."
And he did just that. He began rubbing his hands all over Jeff's
body ,and leaned all the hay over to kiss naked pics under age him again. He moved down and
began licking his nipples until they responded. Jeff's body shuddered
again. The toplist nude angels Rock then positioned his 9 in. cut dick behind Jeff's luscious
ass. Both men were sweating profusely, as The Rock put Jeff's legs over
his shoulders and began to ease himself in slowly.
"This is going real teen toplist to hurt a little at first but it'll pass," The Rock
warned as he gave a small thrust and ended up halfway in.
"Just let me know if you want me to stop."
"No," Jeff said, "just put it all the way in and let me get used to
The Rock complied and pushed the remaining four inches in under age russian naked until he
was completely in until his ample balls were up against Jeff's ass. Jeff
was biting his lip to keep from screaming out. He let out a soft moan.
"Go, ahead," he said.
The Rock didn't have to be asked twice. We began to slowly move in
and out of Jeff's ass. He established a slow and steady rhythm and then
began to increase his pace. He closed his eyes in enjoyment. He was
fucking the hottest young man in the business, and he had been dreaming of
this moment for the longest time. He began to pump harder and faster in
and out of Jeff's virgin hole.
It hurt like hell at first but now that the pain had subsided the
pleasure began. Matt was in an orgasmic state. He had The Rock bull
fucking him and it was great. The Rock began to pound Jeff as hard as he
could . Jeff was finding out first hand that the Brahma bull wasn't just a
gimmick. It happened to be true. The Rock became an animal pounding
harder and harder into the ass of Jeff Hardy. Sweat was pouring out of
both men as The Rock just tore Jeff's ass inside out. He just gay kids toplist wasn't
stopping. Every time that Jeff thought he was going to climax he just kept
coming harder under age boy and faster. He was riveting with pleasure as The Rock
pounded him for forty minutes straight.
Finally The Rock reached the breaking point. He leaned all the way
over and locked his mouth around Jeff's. His body trembled toplist bdsm
and shook as he
sent load after load of milky white cum up Jeff's ass. The Rock bucked
until every drop was out, and then collapsed on top of Jeff, spent. They
laid there kissing for a few minutes until The Rocks monster softened and
then he pulled out.
"Let's get cleaned up," he said helping Jeff up.
They started washing each other off sex toplist gateway and terror struck Jeff's mind.
"Please don't tell my brother about us," Jeff pleaded.
"Don't worry baby, our secrets safe."
Jeff's toplist boylove fears subsided after The Rocks soothing words. Then a
strange question popped into Jeff's head and he just had to know.
"I have just one question," Jeff said.
"Sure," said the Rock as he turned off all the nozzles.
"I thought you were married? he asked.
"I am, but it's a publicity stunt. I can't let the media think
that the champion of the world is gay."
"But do you fuck her?" Jeff asked.
"Oh, under age fuck jealous already, are we?" The toplist grils Rock said as he grabbed two
towels and threw one at Jeff.
Jeff caught it and replied, "No, not jealous, just curious."
"Yeah sometimes I do," The Rock said, "it's weird but I have to do
it or she'll leave me. But there is nothing like a good piece of ass."
"I wouldn't know," Jeff said.
"Meet me at my hotel room tonight after dinner and you'll find
out," the Rock said and walked out of the locker room drying off.
"Yes," was all Jeff could think, "my turn now. The End
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